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Who: Students of Spanish, Level I through Advanced and Native Speaker Levels. 

When and Where:  Sponsoring teachers will schedule the Contest writing sessions for completion in a proctored setting at the school campus, on a pre-selected date in February. 

How:  Each contestant will select a topic from the two choices available for every level, and will write an original composition in Spanish, during the allotted time of one hour. 

Summary of Rules and Regulations: 

▪Each entry must be sponsored by the instructor of the Spanish class in which the student is enrolled. Participating teachers may sponsor only their own students. 

Each sponsoring teacher must be a current member of AATSP, with current dues paid.

▪Payment of individual Contest fees of $7.00 per student must accompany the final registration materials. Sponsoring teachers are responsible for Contest arrangements, including proctoring services and the accurate and timely submission of all Contest materials to the Director 


E-mail Elsie Ratliff, Contest Director: elsieratliff@gmail.com 



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