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National Spanish Exam 2017

Looking for feedback on your Spanish program and the opportunity for your students to win recognition and prizes for their knowledge?  Then consider giving the National Spanish Exam, the most widely administered Spanish test in the country. In 2016, 6288 Georgia students participated in the exam, sponsored by 148 teachers at 70 schools. Thanks to all who gave the exam!

Please note: While students take only one exam, the state and national contests are separate.  The $3 students must pay allows them to take the exam and be eligible for national recognition and prizes. For an additional $4, students become eligible to participate in the state contest. The additional $4 for the state contest must be paid at the time students sign up for the exam. No late sign up or payments will be accepted for the state contest.

In 2017 the prize structure for the state contest will be the following:

• Certificates for 1st though 6th place finishers for all categories (Outside Experience, Regular and Bilingual) in all levels (01- 6). Last year 628 students received certificates.

• Cash awards for 1st through 3rd place finishers for all categories in all levels. Prize amounts will be graduated. First Place finishers in level 6 will receive the largest award; third place finishers in level 01 will receive the smallest award. Last year 346 winners received cash prizes, totaling over $15, 000. Award amounts vary each year.

(Note: bilingual and outside experience students must score as high as regular students to receive certificates and cash awards)

• Scholarships for students who attend both the AATSP-GA Immersion Camp and take the exam. Last year 14 students who participated in both received a $100 scholarship. Scholarship amounts vary each year.

Regular registration is open from November 1- January 31. To register online, use this link:


More information, practice exercises and much more are available at www.nationalspanishexam.org

If you need help registering or additional information, please e-mail Di Johnson at di.johnson@ccboe.net